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Biblical Health Institute FAQs

When I try to enter the code as a Pre-paid coupon, it is coming up with 'not a valid code'.

Please follow the pre-paid coupon instructions on the site at this link (under the heading “Store:  Prepaid Coupon Holders” on the site:    

If you are still having difficulty, then please contact “Customer Support” (under “Store” on the site) at this link:


I ordered the Biblical Health Coach program and I definitely want to take it, but I do not wish to take this course online.  I want the course information to be shipped to my home.

The Biblical Health Coach program (and all other courses on Biblical Health Institute) is available only online at present. 


When do my courses ship?

There is no shipping on the Biblical Health Coach program; all courses are available on your online account. 


How do I access my courses?

You must first register on the site by creating a username and password.  Once you are registered, you can login, then scroll over 'Study Programs', drag your cursor down to 'Biblical Health Coach Program' and you will see yet another box appear with the courses you have registered for at the top.  You can access any of those courses listed below the “My Courses” tab.


What is your accreditation (degree/diploma/HND)? How long is the certificate only valid for two years?

At present our program is not accredited, but we are looking to partner with Christian post-secondary accredited institutions in the future, but the program is still in its infancy. 

The certificate is valid indefinitely, but we recommend that you supplement and continue your education (after two years) to keep current with biblically-based health and wellness content—therefore a more informed Biblical Health Coach.  We recommend that those who have earned the Biblical Health Coach certificate take continuing education units (CEUs) after two years.  


During my degree training, I have to cite my information/references.  If I reference your work would it be accepted on a degree level?

Many of the citations within the Biblical Health Coach program are from clinical studies as well as other definitive works in areas of academia.  You are able to use the references as cited sources; these are updated periodically.


Is your work recognized in the academic world of Science?

The academic world of science is split on many health issues, but increasingly understands that nutrition plays a large role in one's health status.  To reiterate, many of the cited sources within the Biblical Health Coach curriculum come from scientific studies supporting the message.


Could I possibly study your courses and not complete a different college degree? If so, are there career opportunities for me within church ministry?

Your choice in a career is strictly up to you; you will have to choose what course of study will work best for you.  Many churches have positions within their structure that focus on either "family health" or health in general.  You would have to dialogue with your church pastor or his/her associate, etc. to find out if there is an opening or need for someone on staff in her local church to fill this role.


I was just reading about the Biblical Health Coach program. I already have the books, CD, and DVD.  How can I participate to get the Certification of Completion of the Bible Coach Course without having to duplicate my purchase?

The content in the Biblical Health Coach program is complementary to what Jordan has in his books, but is NOT the same--so it is not duplicate information.  The Biblical Health Coach Certificate program is educational curricula and in order to be certified, individuals will have to go through the certification program.  The program is comprised of ten courses and reinforces Jordan's Biblical health and wellness message.


How much time does one have to complete the program?  What is the time commitment for the Biblical Health Coach program?

You can go at your own pace to complete this program.  The time commitment is generally 40 hours over ten weeks --at an average of four hours per week.  Of course, the time will vary from individual to individual as learning rates are personalized.  However, a 40-hour commitment over ten weeks is a general time commitment. The Biblical Health Coach program is a 40-hour, 10-course certificate program.


How much more in depth does the program go than the book "The Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness?"

There are over 600 online pages of content (referenced and footnoted with hundreds of footnotes) that complement Jordan's Biblical health and wellness message.  It is NOT the same as the book; it is educational curricula (online classes).


Is the Certificate recognized by any other institution for credit for other degrees? Can I receive college credit?

At present, the certificate is not recognized or accredited by any other educational institutions; however, we are looking to partner with key Christian universities in the future.  As it stands, this is a certificate program that is approved by Jordan and by Biblical Health Institute--meant primarily for lay people in churches. 


Can I mail a check or do I need to pay with a credit card online?

Credit card only.


I would have loved to have seen each lesson in a downloadable PDF file or something that was more user-friendly.

We are looking to have this available in PDF files in the future. 


Can I receive college credit?

At present, you cannot receive college credit for the Biblical Health Coach program.  It is in its infancy, but we are looking to see if our curriculum will be accepted into an accredited university.  As it stands, this is a certificate program ONLY that is approved by Jordan and by the Biblical Health Institute--meant primarily for lay people in churches. 


What is the certification process?  When will certificates be mailed?

In order to be "certified", you must complete all 10 courses in the BHC curriculum and pass the "exit" exam prior to our mailing you your signed certificate.  We track your progress internally through the site and send out certificates monthly (by mid-month of each month).


Is there any one-on-one support available?  I really would appreciate this as I really need the support.  Do you have any suggestions?

Any questions you have you can certainly ask via email! We will be here along the way to help you as you begin and continue to go through this journey of health. Click here to contact our online customer service.


Do you have any advice on how to lose weight?

Follow the Seven Weeks of Wellness plan and commit to it.  For specific information on weight loss, you can read and follow Jordan's book The Great Physician's Rx for Weight Loss and his weight loss program.  Click here to learn more.


I need a more thorough understanding of what the BHC (Biblical Health Coach) program and its courses will "look like," what I can expect from you, and what you will expect from me.

In order to have a complete description on the Biblical Health Coach program, please go to the Biblical Health Institute site ( and look under “Study Programs” under “Biblical Health Coach” to get a complete overview of the program, its description, as well as links to “course overviews and descriptions” for each course in the Biblical Health Coach program..  Here is a link to that page:

If you have not already done so, you can go to the link below where you can access the free "101" courses.  These courses are much less detailed versions of the courses in the BHC program.  You can get a good idea of the layout, types of questions, etc.


How do I download Jordan’s ‘Faith is a Place’ video on the site?

You must register on the site by creating a username and password.  Once you are registered, you can login, then scroll over ‘Media’; drag your cursor down to ‘Faith is a Place Music Video.’  There are also video clips of Jordan speaking and music therapy samples from Michael Neale.


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