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 A Special Letter from Our Founder, Jordan Rubin Minimize

Jordan Rubin and His FamilyIt was not many years ago that I found myself struggling with what was termed an “incurable” disease.  After conventional and alternative health treatments failed, God revealed how His word held the restorative health answers I was looking for.   Since I recovered from my illness, I have had a passion and commitment to help God’s people reclaim their health and become better stewards of this valuable gift from Him.

It is my vision that every one of the nation’s leading TV programs, radio broadcasts, magazines, and newspapers would report scientific evidence showing that followers of Jesus are three, four or even five times healthier than the general population - that Christians have fewer incidents of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if God’s people were so full of good health, so vibrant, that others would notice us from ten or twenty feet away and wonder what our secret was?  What an opportunity to introduce them to life-transforming power of the living God!

This may seem like a dream, but I believe it is a reality well within our reach and I am convinced that God’s people can set the standard in health and wellness.  The bottom line is this:  If we want to effectively reach the world for the Lord, we must have health—as well as to know and understand what it takes to be healthy.  By taking care of our bodies (God’s temple), by following Biblical principles proven through history and confirmed by science, we can each extend the length and quality of our lives and better fulfill the great purpose God has for us.

My prayer is that all of you can achieve greater health in body, mind and spirit and will live the abundant life He has designed for you.  May God bless you as you begin your personal health transformation and as you learn more about the message of health God has for each of us.                     

In Him,


Jordan S. Rubin


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