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Key Verse:  (Ezekiel 47: 12) “Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for medicine.” 

Take nutritional supplements that meet a need or deficiency of the body AND are in a form that the body can utilize.

Vitamins and Minerals

Due to the lessened nutritional value of modern-raised produce, an increase in environmental pollution, the stresses of modern living, and the spread of viruses, nutritional supplementation is another important factor of living a healthy life.  Few Americans obtain the minimum recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals solely from their diet—therefore, nutritional supplementation may be necessary.  Although each of us requires the same nutrients for proper health, the amount of each can vary considerably, due to a host of factors such as age, genetics, stress levels, lifestyle, and exposure to toxins.  

Diet alone may not be sufficient to supply the nutrients necessary for overall good health; therefore, it is important for individuals to be sure they are receiving the proper amounts of nutrients for overall emotional and physical well-being—and nutritional supplements can help.  While most experts agree that nutritional supplements are vital for a variety of illnesses, injuries, and age-related problems, vitamin and mineral supplements can also help maintain optimal physical and psychological health, and promote longevity and chronic disease prevention. 




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