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Introductory Note:  "Healthy Heart 101" is based on the Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness book series (Healthy Heart). 


The Significance of the Heart

Dr. Don Colbert, Christian medical doctor and noted author, indicates the importance of the heart as it relates to health:  “None of the ancient peoples considered the "seat" of a man to be the brain.  To the Greeks the seat of a man's identity was in the heart--the soul, the emotions, the will, the feelings of a person.  Your body is the living reality of everything you are, and everything you experience happens to all of you, not just to your brain. 


The Human Heart--The Spiritual Heart

Unrelenting rage and hostility will harden the human heart.  In truth, hardened or calcified arteries can leave a human heart actually looking as hard as a stone in an autopsy. 

"Hardness of heart" is not just a euphemism for stubbornness or a rigid attitude.   It is a physical state of the heart that occurs from severe atherosclerosis.    Those who have this condition usually suffer from angina, which is chest pain with physical exertion. 

A heart hardened by years of emotional pain and the resulting ravaging effects of stress hormones is a heart that experiences physical pain. 


Many health experts concur that the physical, emotional, and spiritual are linked in ways we are only beginning to explore and understand.



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