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 EAT: What foods are Extraordinary, Average or Trouble? Minimize

  E.A.T. Class

  Extraordinary, Average or Trouble?


E.A.T. Class

EAT: What Foods Are Extraordinary, Average, or Trouble?

What to E.A.T.In the charts below, Jordan has ranked foods Extraordinary, Average, or Trouble in descending order based on their health-giving qualities. The best foods to serve and eat are what he calls “Extraordinary,” which God created for us to eat and will give you the best chance to live a long and happy life. It’s best to consume foods from the Extraordinary category more than 75 percent of the time.

The next list comprises foods that Jordan calls “Average,” which should make up less than 25 percent of your daily diet and consumed sparingly.

The final list contains foods Jordan has relegated to the “Trouble” category, which should be consumed with extreme caution. You would be wise to avoid these foods completely.

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