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 About the Independent Study "A-La-Carte" Courses Minimize

Independent Study Course Offerings

Now you can learn more about Biblical health and wellness on your own by selecting individual course offerings that interest you and fit into your personal study schedule. 

Designed to support individual learning interests as well as those in the home school learning environment (for students in upper middle school or high school), each full-length course is complete with references/footnotes and includes an optional 20-point multiple choice quiz (for Keys 1-7) to test your learning.

These independent study course offerings are designed for personal study and growth and can be taken one at a time--according to your timetable and what area(s) of health and wellness you wish to learn more about.

Independent study course offerings include each of Jordan's "seven keys" presented in his book "The Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness:  Seven Keys to Unlock Your Health Potential" as well as courses which correspond with Jordan's other book releases in this series.

Included are: (click the link provided for each course for a course description)

Key 1:  Eat to Live

Key 2:  Supplement Your Diet

Key 3:  Practice Advanced Hygiene

Key 4:  Exercise and Body Therapies

Key 5:  Reduce Toxins

Key 6:  Emotional Health

Key 7:  Prayer and Purpose

The Great Physician's Prescription:  CANCER

The Great Physician's Prescription:  WEIGHT LOSS

The Great Physician's Prescription:  DIABETES

The Great Physician's Prescription:  COLDS AND FLU


For the entire listing of available Independent Study courses, click here.

Note:  These courses are not part of the Biblical Health Coach certificate program; they are meant solely for further personal study and information about Jordan Rubin's health and wellness philosophy.

If you are interested in becoming a Biblical Health Coach, then please go to the area marked "Biblical Health Coach program" to learn about this exciting online certificate program or just click HERE.


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