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I'm spreading God's Word for Health and Wellness

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 I'm Equipped for Ministry As A Biblical Health Coach Minimize

I grew up a picky (and unhealthy) eater—a lot of white bread, white sugar, and lots of chocolate.  My mom tried to help our family eat better, but I was too stubborn to change.  And, yes, God was an important part of my life, but what did that have to do with eating?  Since then I have discovered that God has a lot to do with eating because eating affects the way I live, my quality of life, and how I can best serve Him. 

I maintained my “picky eater” diet and encountered some health challenges at the age of 22 when my fast-paced, stressful lifestyle coupled with my poor eating habits caused an ulcer, hypoglycemia, and acne.  However, I never thought to connect health with diet.  I was also newly married to my husband, Danny, and a few years later we began raising a family—a daughter (Jessi) and a son (Daniel). 

I struggled through my health problems—without changing my diet—and it wasn’t until we learned that our son Daniel had food allergies that we began to understand the relationship between diet and health.  Fortunately, at that point (1995), a caring couple from our church introduced us to organic, whole foods and we began our journey of healthy eating. 

I learned much about how proper nutrition affects our lives and began researching nutrition.  After joining forces with a women’s group from our church who shared the same passion for nutritious eating, I wanted to teach nutrition classes at my church so that God’s people could hear this vital message.

Unfortunately, in the fall of 2000, I had another health setback that kept me from teaching.  An MRI indicated a life-threatening arterial malformation in my brain that required surgery; after surgery, I was sent home and reassured that I would soon be feeling fine.  However, I did not get better.  In fact, my body began to shut down, and I began asking, “Why me?” and “God, what are you doing through this?”

Long story short, I had contracted tularemia, a dangerous bacterial infection.  However, through proper nutrition and other natural means, I became well again and Jordan Rubin’s health message played an important role in helping me regain my health.  I came back stronger than ever to share the importance of proper nutrition—learning all that I could and sharing what I knew with others—resulting in an exciting endeavor.  In 2001 I began a home-based nutrition business which, in 2004, expanded into an Internet-based company that supports Jordan's mission of transforming the health of God's people. 

Since my health had improved, it was time once again to pursue teaching nutrition classes at my church.  I read Jordan Rubin’s book The Great Physician’s Rx for Health and Wellness and knew that his Biblical health message would be a perfect fit.  The “seven keys” format is ideal for teaching—but there is more than just the book—The Great Physician’s Rx and its corresponding Seven Weeks of Wellness Success Guide as well as a Biblical Health Coach program offered through Biblical Health Institute. This was just what I needed to make the nutrition classes a reality!

The Biblical Health Coach program helped me prepare for teaching these classes—and it fit perfectly with my schedule.  I studied from home at my convenience and completed my Biblical Health Coach training on my timetable.  The information from Biblical Health Institute is awesome and yet was not too technical for me to understand.  Becoming a Biblical Health Coach has enriched my own interests, has helped me assist my customers, and has helped me become better equipped to share health knowledge with my church family.

I am truly excited and humbled to see God’s plan for my life continually unfolding.


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